The team ready to introduce you to cost saving
digital innovation in the fields of tender and recruitment advertising.

JontiDigital has assembled a team of experts with a history of achievement, client service and award-winning advertising. Of particular interest to advertisers is the extent to which our exclusive digital technology has enabled us to dramatically reduce costs while ensuring impact and audience targeting.


We have used QR codes (scan example below on your smartphone) to produce effective and highly economical Tender and/or Recruitment advertising.  We have also developed a free sms based response handling process and lastly, we have perfected the use of Icons (See example below and click on it to view ad example) as an extremely economical way to reach relevant job candidates.


We are well rehearsed in media selection, job portals, using LinkedIn, response handling and shortlisting and the economical preparation of both recruitment and tender advertising.


As a woman powered, Level One provider, we WILL reduce your advertising

costs and give you service excellence that will surprise you!


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